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Will Hispanics Vote For Obama in 2012?

I read an article,( now reported to be a hoax,) by Dr. Walter Williams… in this HOAX letter, it detailed the many reasons Obama would win again in 2012. Perhaps it was an attempt to shock Republicans into action? It mentioned one of the reasons Obama would win in a landslide was because he would carry the Hispanic vote. At first I was ticked off. Then I realized he must not have his ear to the ground in the Hispanic community, where the Hispanics I talk to, call him a “liar.”

Many in the Hispanic community feel “hood-winked” by the slick talking minority President. They thought he’d be some kind of great “uniter.” But, we Republican Hispanics all know he’s a self-serving puppet, concerned only with his plans to, IN HIS OWN WORDS, “fundamentally change” this country.

What exactly did he mean by “fundamentally change?”  Is it like…”depends on what your definition of is is?” When he said he wanted to fundamentally change this country, he meant he wanted to reduce our freedom.   He wants to make America, the country our forefathers died for, insignificant to the world.  He wants to reduce our Super Power status to that of a struggling nation, in debt and at the mercy of the European Union.

Hispanics don’t want his kind of change, we cherish our freedom. To assume we are still enamored by Obama is way off course.

We’re NOT just puppets on a string, doing whatever our puppeteer makes us do, following blindly.  Sure, lots of Hispanics fell for the big lie…thinking amnesty was coming at the hands of the great one.  Now they’re thinking, “Fool me once…shame on you.  Fool me twice…shame on me!”

Obama has done nothing specifically for them, and they know it.  Now they see him for what he really is…a scam artist.

For what it’s worth, at least in Texas, we’re fighting back. Fighting for a voice. Our state is experiencing rapid change, and the dialogue between Hispanics will soon come to a boil. The ingredients are all there, how we decide to move forward depends on whether American Hispanics will do what’s right for the country. We will have to make tough decisions, and mark my words, our own people will turn on us.  But we can’t selfishly expect this chaos to continue?

Fellow peace loving, God fearing Hispanics, can we organize? Can we get in gear to ensure apathy isn’t our defining characteristic? We can all do more to spread the truth about Obama’s intentions to “change” this country. We have to work together to defeat Obama and his suppressing regime, a.k.a. CZARS who have dominion over us all.

We’re working on that.

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