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Hinojosa, It’s Time to Throw in the Towel

Major story breaks yesterday revealing financial irresponsibility and unclear accounting practices according to Politico.

(D-TX) Ruben Hinojosa, US District 15, filed personal bankruptcy in December 2010 after a federal bankruptcy court awarded Wells Fargo Bank 2.6 Million in delinquent loans by Hinojosa for his family business.

Already facing huge problems in his District, the news of Hinojosa’s bankruptcy just adds fuel to the fire.

What does his BK filing mean?

Well, in today’s competative job market, many employers conduct a simple background check and verify credit history in order to determine the risk factors involved with a new hire.  The results of a background check can provide an employer with the insight to make a proper judgement based on facts, rather than the applicant’s first impression.

If it was discovered the applicant had filed personal bankruptcy, it would certainly disqualify them from a job that required managing money…and might even disqualify them from employment period.

Fiscal responsibility is a must, and Hinojosa has just failed the test.

Based on his recent filing, it makes you wonder how the rest of his district is managed.  He’s busy getting federal dollars for initiatives he believes in, but where’s the money really going?  Who knows?

If he can’t manage his own money, how can he be trusted with the people’s money?

The people of District 15 deserve better.  They are facing major dilemmas in the very near future, and they need a representative with a new vision for South Texas.

Hinojosa’s “toast,” as a good friend of mine said today…he should do the people a favor and let someone else take it from here…

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  1. Rowland Jackson

    Duke, again, right on it. Texas, nor any other state needs representatives who are in positions of responsibility managing our tax dollars when number one can’t manage their own funds and two, would be more apt to take bribes or dip into the public funds because of personal dire straits. It looks like Mr. Hinohosa has served long enough. Time to let someone who is fiscally sound personally, not someone who is desparate represent the citizens of Texas. And there are plenty of people who deserve the opportunity to serve Texas from a position of integrity fiscally and personally. Thanks for reporting this. I was unaware of Hinohosa’s personal bankruptcy filing.

  2. There are a few people in his district that could lead it through the muck and mire it’s in now…we’ll be introducing someone soon…to take this challenge on…head first.

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