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Right out of the blocks, Texas Senators voted to require fellow Texans to show a photo identification card before stepping into the voting booth to cast their ballot.

Great move.

The deceased will no longer be able to vote, and neither will illegal immigrants.  As it should be.

Some will say this is a step in the wrong direction, but how can it be wrong to protect the “sanctity of the vote,” as Sen. Brian Birdwell says?

It makes sense to know who’s voting, and that they have the right to vote.  Hopefully, we’re on track to restoring the vote…something many felt was  drifting into the abyss.

The Senate’s vote (SB-14) is proof things are moving in the right direction and shows the people, when they want something done, all they have to do is go to the voting booth and cast their ballot.

Oh, and show their I.D.

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