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Univision is to Hispanics what Rap is to Blacks

If you watch any sort of Spanish cable network, like Univision or Telemundo, be warned, you may see more skin than you care to see.

From their Weather Girls to guests, when it comes to wardrobe, less is more…

The way these networks exploit women reminds me of how the Rap Industry exploits women by reducing their value to simple sex objects.

We all know Sex sells, but what is it costing the community?

When people said Rap music was harming the Black community, my first response was, “Well no one is forcing them to listen to the music…they can just change the station or channel if they want.”

Initially, rap music was about the struggle many faced regarding police brutality.  They made songs with titles like “Keep ya Head Up” by Tupac Shakur, which told the story of survival in the ghetto… injected with a message to respect everyone.

Others rapped about the glamorous life.  Their songs are about sex, club life and groupies.  They include explicit lyrics detailing what one guy would do to a willing girl.  You get the picture.

It’s a fabricated lifestyle, but after being bombarded from Radio and Television, it begins to overwhelm you.

The next thing you know, you’re daughter wants to dress like J-Lo or Beyonce…with super tight jeans and mid drift tops showing way too much skin.  And too many parents go along with it.

In reality, they have set their daughters on course for early pregnancy and unknowingly sent the message they approve of their wardrobe choice.  After all, it’s just clothes…right?

From the perspective of a down and out minority in America, these songs must provide “inspiration.”  They describe living in mansions, driving Maybach’s and making tons of money…but unfortunately, there was no plan on how to get it.  They “got money” by hussling on the streets.  They sold drugs.  They stole cars.  They ran rackets.  You name it…they even rapped about it…letting everyone know how they were doing it.

The Black culture is now identified as being a Hip-Hop nation, with role models who hate this country and obviously don’t respect our daughters.

Univision is in that same class of destructive entertainment.  Their target audience is also bombarded with sex and sexual content.  Their aging hosts flirt with 20 year old girls and parade them around like breeding animals.

Their local “Mystic,” covers the horoscope like a modern day Nostradamus, giving advice on love and relationships, while dressed as a woman…make-up and all.

The other day I was tuned into a local Waco Spanish radio station… La Ley, 104.1.  They were running a syndicated program from California…a couple of men who also had “mystic” powers and could help with advice.

A young girl called in.  She was petrified.  19 years old, she was out at a club, drank too much and went home with a stranger.  She wanted to tell her husband, but she knew he’d be really upset…what could she do?

They asked her…”how long have you been married?”  She replied, “I was married when I was 14.”  They all laughed and chuckled…but didn’t miss a step.  They could care less that this poor girl was married at 14.  That’s a 9th or 10th grader…the husband should have been visited by local police, but they overlooked that minor detail.

We have accepted their irresponsible behavior for too long.  Because we failed to voice our conservative opinions and fight to protect our children from these sex-crazed marketing agencies, Latina’s now hold the highest Teen-Pregnancy rate.  And who’s right behind us?  Black women.

Go figure…

When we add the Liberal slant into the mix, and the biased reporting, we see how Univision and Telemundo are negatively affecting our community.

Maybe these Spanish networks know the Hispanic community better than most?  If so, based on the programming, what does it say about their perception of our community?

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  1. Good and informative. Keep up the good work

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