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Over 100 Attend SREC Quarterly Meeting, Senate District 22

On January 15, 2011, SREC Representatives, Janet Jackson and Jimmie Kerr hosted their quarterly meeting at Hill College in Hillsboro,TX.   The meeting was held at the Performing Arts Center and included three topics : Hispanic Inclusion, Social Media and RPT Tools and Resources. Special guest speakers included SD-22’s Senator Brian Birdwell and U.S. Congressman Bill Flores’ wife, CD-17’s “First Lady”, Gina Flores.

Since their election to the SREC last May, Jackson and Kerr have been working and spending time across their district.  From developing Poll Watcher Training to Precinct Chairman training, the two have laid the foundation for a long term Republican district for the 10 counties they represent.

Energized Republicans, Tea Party members and Grass Roots  activists found their way to Hillsboro despite the dreary, cold weather.  As the meeting began, Janet Jackson open by reminding everyone that “2012 is just around the corner,” emphasizing the Republican Party’s efforts to unite Conservatives in preparation for 2012.

Duke Machado gave a presentation on the role of and their plans to make an impact in the Hispanic Community.  Toby Marie Walker of the Waco Tea Party spoke on Social Media and Janet Jackson closed out with a very informative segment on Party tools and resources.

The meeting was a success, providing the participants with valuable information and insight.

After the meeting, 20-30 people went to El Conquistador for lunch…continuing the dialogue and building relationships.  It was great seeing everyone mingle and exchange numbers…preparing for a successful 2012 campaign.

(GOPisForMe was there with the camera rolling, capturing the moment.  Videos will be divided by category, tagged and made available for your viewing. Each video segment will appear on this page and in its own uniquely tagged post.)

Duke Machado : – Part 1 of 3

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