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Focusing on Education

Today we met at Sylvia Baack’s home to discuss our Education Initiative and how we would move forward.  The mix of personalities and backgrounds provided an interesting dialogue and energized the conversation.

We discussed several issues, and hashed-out a loose outline of our plan.  We agreed the approach should include a plan for addressing  issues our children face as well as including the families and parents in the process.

This initiative will have tangible results.

Initially, the group thought about starting small…with just elementary students.  Then, we decided to focus on a school district, encompassing the full range of students.  We chose to focus on LaVega ISD.

Sylvia is preparing the minutes from the meeting, and our next meeting is scheduled for week after next.  Once we have determined our course, we will need lots of participants to join sub-committees and help us educate our community.

Like Stepping Stones…we are building one step at a time.

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