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Thank You Janet Jackson and Jimmie Kerr

Our new era of Republicanism is underway.    There were non-stop meetings, debates, rallies, training, protests, block walking and phone banking…all for the good of the District.

Some say it was Obama who fired up the people.  Others say it was the Tea Party.  Whoever did it, one thing is certain, the people spoke and we now have Bill Flores, Brian Birdwell, Marva Beck and Abel Reyna.

People came together like never before.  In CD-17, for twenty years, we had not been able to defeat Chet Edwards…this year, it happened.  For years, SD 22 was led by Kip Averitt, someone who the people felt did not represent their values.  Now we are under new Republican leadership.

There are many people who made a difference this election, but the two who I feel most impacted these elections are Janet Jackson and Jimmie Kerr, two Republican Activists who for several years had been working, networking, forging relationships with County Chairmen, and building coalitions.  They knew everyone had to pull together in 2010 to beat Chet Edwards, Kip Averitt and Jim Dunnam.  We would need to unite to win.

Before any of the victories, many of us, for the first time actually participated in our election process.  We became part of the “Party.”  We attended our Precinct conventions, then our County Conventions.  Ultimately, many of us made it to our State convention, and there, in our SD-22 Caucus, we voted for new leadership.

We voted for Janet Jackson and Jimmie Kerr.

Their efforts to train Republicans in Party structure, engage the grass-roots, develop precincts and build the Party led us to where we are today.  They were the catalyst bringing it all together.  Janet and Jimmie have given more time and put in more work than anyone I know…all at their own expense.  They have always been there for GOPisForMe and the Hispanic Republican Clubs.

In the final hour, Janet made headlines with her “Sorry Boys” comment after her Poll Watch Training class in Waco.  It caused quite a stir, signaling to the Democrats we would not tolerate any shenanigans during this election.

I’m sure they think I’ve gone too far, giving them credit for doing something they just believe in and would do without a title, but they deserve it.

Janet and Jimmie…We thank you!

Duke Machado

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