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Our Agenda and Major Goals

Tony Abad is a  Board Member of the Hispanic Republican Club of McLennan County.  He’s been working on our Mission / Vision statement, and has clearly defined our purpose.  We must be united in our efforts moving forward, and  below, you will find what we believe to be the foundations of a positive approach to building our Hispanic communities.

Our Agenda?

Education: Empowering families through strong, effective schools and educational reform

Immigration: Reform focused on a legal immigration process that works and promotes patriotic assimilation

Life: Human life deserves protection from conception until natural death.

Economic opportunity and lower taxes for all working families

HRCMC  Major Goals

Goal 1:  To organize Hispanic citizens and provide a political group that shares our core values.

Goal 2: To demonstrate an unapologetic commitment to our conservative values within the Hispanic community.

Goal 3: To advocate the conservative values of the Republican party within the Hispanic community.

Goal 4: To debate and develop clear conservative positions that encourages dialogue in the Hispanic community.

Goal 5: To have Hispanic volunteer representation in every precinct in the county.

Goal 6: To be a conduit to the RPT on Hispanic views / issues and ideas from the Hispanic community.

Goal 7: To educate the community on the vital role Hispanic citizens play in the future of our country.

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