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Next Step for Hispanic Republican Clubs and GOPisForMe

Our next step is to dig deeper into our communities across the  state and find Conservative Hispanics who are looking for a way to become proactive in their community.

We need to know what’s happening in our own back yards before we begin promoting our agenda.  In the past, the Republican Party may not have approached this the right way, leaving gaps in the fabric of the Party, allowing Hispanics to be co-opted by the Democrat party.

Now, after 20 years of living under a Democratic Congressman, one whose voting record almost mirrored House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s voting record, we Hispanics have the highest High School Drop-Out rates, Highest Teen-Pregnancy rates, and the lowest percentage attending college or advanced education.   Facts are facts, and it is time for a new direction.  Hispanic business owners and professionals should be very concerned with their economic future.  Taxes, Health Care, Immigration reform, Education…they’re all on the table.

Despite our differences, the truth is, we must work together if we are to succeed and improve our community.

2012 is just around the corner and the Hispanic vote will be critical.  Our common values of Life, Economic Freedom, Faith and Family must penetrate the heart of the Hispanic community, and now, with Congressman Bill Flores at the helm, we finally have someone who truly represents the majority of the Hispanic community.  We hope to draw those who also believe in Life and create a synergy between the people and the Party.

Someone asked me what we believed in.  Below, you will find our core beliefs and goals…always  striving to achieve advances in these areas, and focusing our energy on creating positive outcomes in our community.

Our Agenda?

Education: Empowering families through strong, effective schools and educational reform

Immigration: Reform focused on a legal immigration process that works and promotes patriotic assimilation

Life: Human life deserves protection from conception until natural death.

Economic opportunity and lower taxes for all working families

HRCMC  Major Goals

Goal 1:  To organize Hispanic citizens and provide a political group that shares our core values.

Goal 2: To demonstrate an unapologetic commitment to our conservative values within the Hispanic community.

Goal 3: To advocate the conservative values of the Republican party within the Hispanic community.

Goal 4: To debate and develop clear conservative positions that encourages dialogue in the Hispanic community.

Goal 5: To have Hispanic volunteer representation in every precinct in the county.

Goal 6: To be a conduit to the RPT on Hispanic views / issues and ideas from the Hispanic community.

Goal 7: To educate the community on the vital role Hispanic citizens play in the future of our country.

With these principles and goals in mind, we will take the message of Conservatism to the people.  We are Republicans who want to advance the Hispanic community and we welcome all those interested in doing the same.

Currently, McLennan  and Brazos Counties are building Hispanic Republican Clubs.  We are looking for Hispanic leaders willing to begin the process of developing a club in your county.

We are willing to help with the organization and structure of your new club, so if you are interested in playing a role in the development of our Republican Party through Hispanic Inclusion, contact us today.

The Hispanic Republican Club of McLennan County meets every 2nd Friday at La Fiesta on Franklin Avenue at 12:00, until further notice.

We look forward to the future…see you soon!

Duke Machado –

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