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Chet Edwards Protest at Mutualista Hall in Waco

We met on the corner of La Salle and 15th Street in Waco to inform
Chet Edwards Supporters of his Pro-Abortion voting record. Last
week at the annual St. Francis event and fundraiser, the Tejano
Democrats posted yellow fliers on the windshields of cars in the church parking lot.
It was promoting a Get out the Vote Rally at the Mutualista Hall.

The featured speaker, Henry Cisneros, former Clinton Cabinet member and
San Antonio Mayor. We anticipated high turnout and prepared to take the
pro-Life message to the people.

As we arrived, the Edwards volunteers were setting up at the Hall and no
one paid any attention to us. Within a few minutes of displaying our
signs, their organizers began walking toward us with cell phones in
hand. We were well aware of our rights and when they strongly suggested
we leave or they would call the police, we simply stated we had the
right to be there.

Within a few minutes,a female Hispanic Waco Police officer pulled onto
the lot where we were setup, and pulled right up to the Hispanic woman
who had contacted her. I walked over to see what the issue
was…(rolling video) and the Hispanic police officer asked me to quit

Shortly after the first police car pulled up, another officer joined the
scene. They were all huddled together, discussing how they (Edwards)
could have us removed from the site.

They were unable to force us off the property, which just so happened to
be the only way in or out of the Hall. We continued to distribute
fliers showing Chet Edward’s voting record to all those who entered.

One woman went in for a few minutes and came back out…she stopped to
let us know she would be visiting our website and joining our movement.

They began to pull people from the Hall and placed them out with us
holding red Chet Edwards signs…they must have been instructed not to
say anything, because when we asked them why they supported Chet’s
position on abortion, they were silent. Nothing.

We certainly made it clear to those who attended, and according to
Sister Francis, Pro-Life coordinator at St. Francis Catholic Church,
attendance was way down from last election period.

It is an honor to know such patriotic Americans…not afraid to stand
for what they believe in and voice their opinion to the people.

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