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Senator Marco Rubio throws his hat and heart into the 2016 presidential race

Today, from his birthplace of Miami, Florida, Senator Marco Rubio declared his candidacy for President of the United States. He is a down-to-earth, approachable guy with a healthy balance of confidence and genuine humility. It comes through in his no-nonsense manner of speaking that he’s got his values clear and his head on straight. A man of sensible faith, a husband, father of four young kids, and pee wee football coach. The words he spoke as he led up to today’s announcement painted a clear picture of the choice America has ahead of her. It should be an easy choice, given the contrasting visions of what we, as a nation, have now and what we could have going ahead into this still-young century.

In contrast to an opposing party and current national leader who swim in a murky sea of moral relativism, Rubio has a clear idea of what his values are; and Rubio’s values are the same solid, time-tested values that America was built upon. Rubio has no difficulty expressing his passion for that concept known as the American Dream – a blend of individual freedom, self determination, and the unique opportunities for individual success that America offers. And he freely expresses his concern that those things might not be available to our children and future American generations without a shift back to conscientious, clear, and balanced leadership.

Unlike the sitting president, who was raised with a philosophy that clearly opposes most of the American values that have existed as our solid foundation since the country’s birth, Rubio comes from truly humble beginnings that taught him a love, appreciation, and deep gratitude for the opportunities America offers to anyone willing to try hard and put their heart into their dreams. The son of Cuban exiles, he knows up close and personal what it looks like and feels like to start from nothing and work your way up.

Our current head of state seems to have an underlying disdain for America, sees it necessary to “fundamentally change” our way of life, and seems to be actively working to weaken our position in the world. In contrast, Rubio chokes up as he says he owes everything he is and has to his parents, to God, and to this exceptional country which has allowed him unparalleled freedom to pursue every goal and dream he ever imagined. While the opposing Democrats are so fond of telling us everything that they see as wrong with America, Rubio seems deep in the moment as he states that he can only BEGIN to repay what he owes to this country.

Rubio, who is on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, has developed and maintained a far better relationship, as a senator, with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu than the current occupant of the White House has ever even ATTEMPTED. Rubio understands and respects the close relationship between the U.S. and Israel, America’s greatest friend and ally in that part of the world and one of our greatest friends ANYWHERE in the world. He can speak fluently about international social, political, and economic dynamics and already possesses a solid understanding of foreign policy.

And although the current president has been touted as a professor of Constitutional Law at an Ivy League university, Rubio displays a far deeper understanding of the significance of, and a far more passionate respect for, The United States Constitution. Where current leadership constantly looks for a way around The Constitution, Rubio understands the need to honor The Constitution that keeps us stable.

While President Obama bails out massive corporations who donate millions to him and his party, Rubio serves on the Senate Subcommittee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship. That’s no accident, because Rubio comes from a middle class life where many of his family, friends, and neighbors make their living and provide for their families from small business and entrepreneurship.

As he spoke about the future of America, Rubio declared, “Now, just yesterday… a leader from yesterday… promised to take us BACK to yesterday. Well, yesterday is OVER… and we’re not going back there.”

In not only that statement, but also in his substance and actions, Rubio lays out the clear choice we have ahead of us in America. Two sharply contrasting visions, a fork in the road, and Rubio inspires us to think about which path to take to our future. It should be a clear choice.

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