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It’s a simple choice, Wade Emmert for Texas GOP Chairman


For several years, Wade Emmert has been the Chairman of the Dallas County Republican Party.

I met him one night when invited to come and speak to their Outreach team and share ideas on how to penetrate the Hispanic community with our message.

Wade Emmert, knows the urgency at hand and is willing to lead the Party in the right direction.

 “I want a state party that reflects the diversity of Texas.”

In a phone interview today, I visited with the Chairman.  I asked about his vision for the Texas GOP.  “I want a state party that reflects the diversity of Texas.  Not just about creating clubs for Hispanics, Blacks and Asians…I mean a party that reflects diversity,” he replied.  “From age, race and gender…we as a party have something to offer everyone.”

I mentioned how the Party sometimes seems divided, and asked how he might be able to unite on common issues.  “We as a party are stronger when we have a free-flow of ideas.  Without debate, we become stagnant,” he quickly responded, showing his openness to accepting all forms of input from varying factions of the Party.

Regarding the debate, one issue that has many people in Texas talking, is immigration.  Though most aren’t willing to take the leap or stand out on a limb on this issue, Emmert feels one Republican leader is taking the right approach and keeping out of the fray…Governor Gregg Abbott.

“Secure the border first, then we can address the issue of those already here.”

Like the Governor, Emmert would “like to see a guest worker program,” adding that “our current platform doesn’t include it, and I feel it could be better articulated and debated as a potential platform change.”  He did place one condition on the guest worker program, “To be a part of such a program…the undocumented immigrant must begin the process within their country of origin.”  In short…self-deportation.

When asked about what to do about those who are already here illegally, he responded, “There are competing philosophies…self deportation is not practical.  Neither is rewarding people for breaking the law.  The solution may be to lift the penalty (in immigration law) and allow people to go back to country of origin and re-apply.”

Emmert feels we must “remove incentives and allow people to get right with the law.”  He recognizes there are nuances…families with kids, some even brought here not of their own free will.  But, despite these nuances, he still believes they should go back and earn their way back into our country.

Whoever wins this election will have to immediately begin fundraising and preparing for the next State Convention.  I hope the SREC members feel the same as I do and will support Wade Emmert for Chairman of the Texas GOP.

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