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Jerry Patterson Seeks Tejano Support

Republican, Jerry Patterson, launches Tejanos for Patterson

Republican, Jerry Patterson, launches Tejanos for Patterson

San Antonio,TX – Republican candidate for Lt. Governor, Jerry Patterson, made a splash last week when he unveiled his “Tejanos for Patterson” initiative. Watch Video!

While other Republican candidates for state office are busy convincing Texas voters how tough they are on border and illegal immigration, Patterson is the only one speaking in a tone that is inviting to Hispanics in Texas (Tejanos).

In a state where ¼ of the potential voters are Hispanic, it only makes sense that any candidate seeking statewide office, make the effort to gain Hispanic support.  Yet, Patterson is alone in this category.  His opponents tout their border security “toughness,” and spew immigration statistics to gain support from Texas’ traditional Republican Primary voters.

But rather than welcome Tejanos, like the Jerry Patterson campaign is doing, his opponents continue beating the same, worn-out drum, hoping to convince voters to fear candidates like Patterson.  They’re still chanting the “Amnesty” word for crying out loud.

It’s clear to see, Dan Patrick, David Dewhurst and Todd Staples do not understand how to deal with these difficult Hispanic issues.  They’re struggling to understand how to be respectful of the Tejano vote and act as if they’ve forgotten history, and have dismissed the value and contributions of generations of Tejanos who sacrificed for this great state.

Jerry Patterson remembers those early Tejanos, and isn’t trying to re-write history.  Instead, he’s being inclusive, asking for the support of Tejanos who value freedom and liberty.  He’s seeking the vote from Tejanos who despise tyranny and appreciate a candidate who stands for everyone, not just the few.

Some may be saying Patterson is pandering to Hispanics.  They would be wrong.  Jerry Patterson is the only statewide elected official who stood before the thousands of Texas Republican delegates at the 2012 Convention, in support of the Texas Solution (Platform issue regarding illegal immigrants and worker’s permits).  Many thought it was political suicide for Patterson,  But as I was standing, waiting my turn to speak on the microphone that night, I remember looking across the arena at him and saying, “this guy’s taking a big risk stepping out here with us.”

You see, to Jerry, there was no risk. It was just the right thing to do.  It’s right to be on the side of solving problems, and personally, I like someone who makes a stand for something, especially when they have everything to lose and not much to gain.


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