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Miguel Romano, Associated Republicans of Texas (ART) Reflects on 2012 Elections

This came in an email.  Thought it would be good to share it with you…

The 2012 election season has passed, and as we look back, it proved to be one of the most interesting cycles in modern history. This cycle we experienced the uncertainty of new district maps and primary date, one of the most expensive statewide primaries, many new faces in the Texas House and Senate, as well as, a record number of Hispanics running for office as Republicans.

With your help, ART played an active role in these elections. We worked with 30 Texas House and Senate campaigns and allocated nearly $1.4 million in direct and in-kind contributions to candidates. In addition to contributions, ART worked to help candidates by providing fundraising training, media and message training, research, town hall forums and endorsements.

We also had great success with our new initiative to engage with the Hispanic community, the Hispanic Voter Network. At the beginning of 2011, we initiated this effort to create a statewide network of pro-business, pro-family minded conservatives who are passionate about the role that Hispanics must play in the future of the Republican Party. We made tremendous progress in our three objectives of connecting the Hispanic community to the conservative values of the Republican Party, recruiting Hispanic candidates to run as Republican Candidates and encouraging Hispanics to vote for Republicans.

Below we have included more highlights and details on our successes this 2012 Election Cycle.

As we reflect and learn from the 2012 elections we must keep an eye to the future. There is a lot of work to be done for 2014 elections and we must start preparing now. ART is committed to continuing to do its part.


Miguel Romano
Associated Republicans of Texas

ART Supported Candidates:

  • Campaigns that ART invested in include:
    • Challenger races
    • Open seats
    • Incumbent candidates who ART helped elect in the 2010 election cycle
  • ART worked with 27 Texas House and 3 Texas Senate campaigns. Of those 30 campaigns:
    • 11 were Republican Incumbents
    • 10 Republican Challengers
    • 9 were open seats
    • 12 featured a Hispanic Republican
  • ART utilized multiple methods to support Candidates:
    • Direct and In-kind Contributions
    • Media Training
    • Fundraising Training
    • Candidate Research
    • Hispanic Outreach Survey
    • Endorsements
    • Town Hall Forums
    • Voter Data
  • ART provided nearly $1.4 million in contributions to candidates. Of that:
    • Almost $1.2 million to House Candidates
    • Over $200,000 Senate Candidates
    • Over $650,000 went to Hispanic candidates

Texas House of Representatives:

  • When the 83rd Session of the Texas Legislature begins in January 2013, Republicans will hold a 95-55 advantage—the second largest majority in the history of the state.

Texas Senate:

  • The partisan makeup of the Texas Senate remains unchanged; 19-11.
  • The Texas Senate will have 4 new Republican Senators for the 2013 Legislative Session.

Voting Trends:

  • 2012 voter turnout in Texas was 58.4% (7.9 million voters) and is comparable to the 2008 turnout at 59.5% (8 million voters). For comparison, 2010 turnout was 38% (4.9 million voters).

Hispanic Voter Network:

  • Created a network of over 1,500 supporters

  • Organized nine local forum events across Texas with an estimate of a total of 1,500 attendees

  • Hosted and coordinated two Texas Hispanic Leadership Summits with Senator Marco Rubio and one with Senator-Elect Ted Cruz

  • ART engaged in an unprecedented media campaign in key markets throughout the state aimed at encouraging Hispanics to vote for their conservative values

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