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RNC, Avoiding Immigration & Border Security Issues

Does the Republican Party feel it’s necessary to address the out of control Illegal Immigration problem we have in America?  What about securing our borders?

In short…No.

According to the RNC, we Hispanic Republican Activists will not have the support of the RNC as it relates to addressing these issues.  For those of us on the ground, talking to residents in Texas, we can only talk about what we “think” should happen.  To say that the Republican Party is dedicated to addressing these issues would be a lie.

Basing their decision on Univision’s poll, the RNC’s messaging to Hispanics will revolve around Jobs and the Economy.  No mention of immigration or border security.  In fact, they want to stay away from the topics.  Whenever possible, we should switch the conversation to jobs, keeping confrontational subjects to a minimum.

For someone to tell me the Republican Party has decided that the issues important to Texas Hispanics are not important enough to warrant the focus and attention of the RNC Leadership in Washington is discouraging.

When I asked what the plan was to address immigration and securing our border, I was told that not all states are as concerned with immigration and border security as we were.  That Texas was different, along with other states bordering Mexico, but on a National scale, Hispanics were more concerned with the economy.

And there you have it.

Those of us living in Border States might as well give up trying to convince the RNC that our issues matter.  Apparently, we’re not enough of a factor.  Maybe it’s because we’ve been quiet for so long.  It makes me understand more the reasons why Hispanics are so hesitant to join the Republican Party.

I’ve been told by Democrats that one day; I would find out what the Republican Party really thought of Hispanic issues.  They said I would find my way to their Party when I wanted to get results.  It makes me think Hispanics and our issues are only relevant to the Republican Party when it benefits the Party.

Can’t they see what’s coming with the Hispanic population?  Don’t they know how many gangs are in our schools recruiting our youth?  Maybe they think it’s a bad dream, and one day, they’ll wake up and it will all be over?

But it’s not a dream.

They talk about jobs and the economy, yet fail to see how addressing immigration and border security actually impact the economy.  If a priority was placed on solving these issues, maybe we could gain ground.  But as it stands, we’re ranked way down the list.

What would have happened if Noah decided to wait till it started raining to build the Arc?  Here we are, at a time when we can gain a foothold and begin to set the community on a new course of prosperity, and what do we do?  Nothing.

Soon, it will be too late.  Eventually, the RNC will frantically reach out, trying to satisfy the issues of Hispanics.  By then, the Democrats would have already swept in and locked the community down for good.  They would have truth on their side… that Republicans aren’t concerned with their issues.

Will we have to wait until it’s “convenient” for the Party to address the reality on the ground?  Or, is it too politically “risky” to touch?  Time will tell, but until that happens, we will be busy preparing and developing the base.

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