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EXCLUSIVE : Dave Garrison, U.S. Congressional Candidate (CD-25)

Recently we interviewed Dave Garrison, Candidate for the newly drawn U.S. Congressional District 25.

With so many candidates in this race, we thought it would be nice for voters in CD-25 to get to know them, on a personal level.

We visited with Dave about his humble beginnings and he filled us in on the details of his life. From living in a home without water or electricity to managing Halliburton’s supply chain in 56 different countries, we got to know the man who wants to represent you in Washington.

I’ve spoken with several Candidates, and few have ever put so much thought into developing actual solutions for problems we face today. Garrison has plans to solve the economy with practical applications and tax refinement. He’s a Flat Tax supporter and is Pro-Business, with 37 years of real-world experience.
Please take a few moments to get to know Dave Garrison…

We’ve got one more video to load…it covers topics ranging from border security to entitlement reform. Dave Garrison talks about the Tax code, Flat Tax, Medicare, and reforming Social Security… This final video will be posted tomorrow…

As promised, Part 4…

It was a pleasure meeting Dave, and we look forward to a great Primary race…

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  1. truth

    Garrison has never voted in a Republican Primary in Texas. How do we know he’s a Republican, much less conservative? He’s not!

    What do we know about him? He has contributed to some of the most liberal members of Congress: Democrats Steny Hoyer and Ciro Rodriguez.

    Wolf in sheeps clothing, folks. Don’t buy this guy’s line of bull.

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