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Will Texans Vote for Herman Cain?

Rick Perry has been sliding in the perception of not only the media, but also the voters. His statement on in-state tuition for Illegal immigrants has not played well.

I certainly do not think polls say a whole lot these days, being “slanted” one way or the other, but they do indicate trends in my opinion.  What really matters is what I see with my own eyes and hear with my own ears, and lately, Herman Cain is looking pretty good.

A few weeks ago on the Michael Savage Show, Herman Cain made a guest appearance.

He was speaking with Savage about his successful life and accomplishments, being modest and humble about his achievements and strong educational background.

I didn’t know Cain was a mathematician?? I learned a lot from that interview, but most importantly, Savage liked him. Initially, Savage spoke in favor of a “tough” sort of maverick Presidential Candidate who could stand toe-to-toe with President Obama in a debate. He was speaking highly of Rick Perry, making it seem natural to support such a candidate.

After watching the past few debates though, I’ve been having second thoughts…much like Michael Savage.

But who do we choose if we do not pick Perry? I like Newt Gingrich’s statements and bold vision, but he’s said things in the past that made me think he had lost touch with the people. Michelle Bachman is a firecracker…no doubt. She definitely seems to have a handle on the Constitution, but she comes across the wrong way for me.

Mitt Romney has tons of momentum, but his mini-Obama care experiment in Massachusetts has a “lingering” effect on me. Rick Santorum made a statement about “going to war with China,” and I’m extremely concerned with that sort of language.

Then there’s Ron Paul. He has lots of hard-core fans, but his approach seems a little far fetched and unachievable given the condition of our Congress.

Which leaves Herman Cain. Why have we not heard more on Herman Cain?

Is it because he hasn’t been on the campaign trail his whole life? Isn’t that a good thing? Plus, the media continues to “hide” his true ability and downplays his intellect. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not “sold” on Cain…just curious.

I think the reason Cain seems so likable is because he isn’t uncomfortable around people of different classes. He is someone who slips in and out of all segments, able to relate to the common man as well as the upper-class business man.

His appeal is infectious…and people are beginning to feel like maybe…just maybe, they could cast their vote for Herman Cain and not feel like they “wasted” their vote.

Texans have always felt like we set our own rules…we don’t need people telling us who to vote for. We need to vote for the person we feel best represents our values. We want someone in office who can withstand the allure of Big Business and their very talented lobbyists.

Can Texans vote for Herman Cain? Yes, but will we? Time will tell.

Comments (4)


    NO WAY

  2. Yes I will be voting for Hermain Cain. He has been my choice ever since he entered the race.
    I am tired of the career corrupt politicians with inexcusable pasts. Perry who was a Democrat and now a Republican who has done the same crony capitalism, do as I say not as I do, flip-floping as Mitt Romney has.
    In the primaries I always vote with what my values are: strong ethics, morals, courage, and honesty based on Godly Christian principles. And Cain embodies all of these traits.
    The debate last night was disgusting to watch and I had to turn it off. I’m sick of all of them. All I could think about was how this was representing the GOP. It was a shame. Herman did his best to stay above the fray despite all the ignorant attacks on the 9-9-9 plan. But he does have to do a better job explaining the sales tax portion besides repeating “apples and oranges.” Somehow he has to explain what imbedded taxes are and provide some bit of numbers to back that up without telling to people to do their own math even though they should.
    Ricks Perry and Santorum have both totally blown it. And if Romney is such a good candidate now, why wasn’t he in 2007? Please go away Mitt and take Ron Paul with you.
    I lost all respect for Bachmann I had with her comments that the HPV shot (although, one example of Perry’s cronyism) can cause retardation and if you turn the 9-9-9 plan upside, the “devil is in the details” mark of the beast reference. Buh bye Michelle.
    Huntsman and Johnson… um, yeah.
    In conclusion, unless Ronald Reagan is resurrected from the dead, Cain is the best candidate thus far.

  3. A lot of people say they like Herman Cain. I tend to think he’s a straight shooter, with no problem saying the hard truth when necessary. He does seem like an honest and courageous man.

    Thanks for your comment Luis.

    Looks like Danny has his mind made up…

  4. Looks like I WON’T be voting for Herman Cain anymore! lol

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