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The Future of Hispanics and the RPT

This interview with Rebecca Williamson, State Republican Executive Committeewoman from Senate District 24, comes just a few minutes after Melinda Fredricks’ speech on Hispanic trends, to the general assembly of the SREC.
Many Democrats have been using the old tactic of saying that the Republican Party doesn’t “care” about Hispanics and never will.

I am here to tell you that this is a lie. It is a total misrepresentation of the truth and hard work being done by Republicans to positively impact the Hispanic community.

One thing is certain…the Republican Party of Texas is not only embracing Hispanics, but is also promoting and advancing the movement. Through messaging and support, the RPT sees the future of Texas as one with a Majority Hispanic population and is making preparations now to position the Republican Party as the natural “fit” for conservative Hispanics.

Rebecca is a perfect example of a Republican Party representative with the right attitude toward total inclusion. Her outlook is one that mirrors the state and shows a true concern for ensuring Hispanics are represented and unified under the banner of the Republican Party of Texas.

Thank you Rebecca…your work is vital to the movement.

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