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RPT making the Connection @ Cinco de Mayo

After months of planning, the Falls County Cinco de Mayo was a hit with the local community.  People came from Waco, Rosebud, Marlin and across the district to enjoy a day of wholesome family fun.
If you couldn’t make it, you missed out on an incredible day.  We made new friends, talked about issues facing the Hispanic community, talked politics and came to agreements on the need to educate our children.
We were pleased to see Senator Brian Birdwell and his wife Mel, who carved out time from their BUSY schedule in Austin to come and visit with us.  Senator Birdwell spoke for a few minutes about his role in Austin and how he represents all citizens in SD-22.
Felipe Reyna spoke for a few minutes to the crowd, and spent some one-on-one time with high school students from the area.  They were listening like a child listens to his grandparents…very respectful.
We were entertained by the Rosebud Dancers and Las Estrellas de Waco, who showed up in full dress to perform their traditional dances.  We had a great time, and the young girls doing the “Raspa” were just the cutest things in Falls County!
As usual, we video’d the whole thing…enjoy the recap of the day, and make sure you spread the word…The Republican Party of Texas, GOPisForMe, SREC-22 and the Hispanic Inclusion movement is in full swing.  We appreciate the support from all those who contributed either time or money to this successful event.  Thank You!!

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