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Thoughts on Cinco De Mayo

It’s just February, and already, people are planning Cinco De Mayo events across the country.  It’s generally accepted that Cinco De Mayo is some sort of Mexican Independence day or something, but I would guess most Hispanics under 30 couldn’t tell you exactly what the date signifies.

Yes, it’s a day of festivities…mostly including lots of beer drinking, tamales and mariachi bands.  Some cities with large Hispanic populations roll out the red carpet, showing their “support” of the culture.  As if having a party one day out of the year makes up for allowing the community to fall behind.

I say this.

Let’s celebrate the day, but rather than do like the Mexicans and ultimately lose the war, why don’t we make strides to ensure Hispanics living in America prosper as everyone else.  It would be sad to celebrate Hispanic culture knowing the truth about our dire situation in communities across the country…yet do nothing to change the outcome.

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