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Celebrating in the Endzone and Politics

Many of us played High School Football.  Our coaches taught us how to win, and when we lost…how to lose.  It was not just the game, but how we handled ourselves on and off the field that mattered.  Becoming a T.E.A.M. (Together Everyone Achieves More) was everything.

Imagine a football team, down by a touch down, on its own 1 yard line with 2 minutes left to play.  Is it too late to make a comeback ?  Can the offense pull it together and put some points on the board?

With only a handful of plays left, which do you choose?  We know every play is designed to score a touchdown, which translated means, if every person does his job perfectly, blocks each player, adjusts to the reads on the field and executes the play as designed, it should result in a touchdown.  But, the big question is, will everyone execute?

As the team huddles, they look around at each other and make a commitment to give it all they have… At that point, they are united as a team.

When they cross the goal line, they do it together.

Sometimes, certain players decide to draw attention to themselves by excessively celebrating in the end-zone, they isolate themselves from the team.  Everyone else knows their role was vital.  Each person did his job.  To pound ones chest, or strut around like a chicken only makes that person look like the selfish, glory hog he is.

Fortunately, some teams were taught to act as if they’d crossed the goal line before…like it was no big deal.  They simply placed the football on the ground or handed it back to the Ref.

It’s called class.

Whether you win or lose, you do it with class and humility.

Just a random thought…seems like it may apply at times in politics.

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