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Stepping Stones Training

Please take few moments to watch some of these videos.  More will be loaded, which will include the building blocks for the Stepping Stones project.  Thank you for visiting.  If you are a Conservative, and want to help the cause, please sign up to be a Mentor.

This is Edwin Flores, Dallas ISD Trustee. He is speaking at the Texas Hispanic Republican Summit. His experience and personal story shed light on the importance of education as it relates to the Hispanic community, in particular.

Working with groups or clubs works great! We met with some Republican Women in McLennan County (Waco). We made calls, set one-on-one’s and had a great time.

Frank Steed, Republican County Chairman, in Navarro County (Corsicana), talks about the committment required to launch the Stepping Stones project… Frank is a true supporter and friend.

This video was shot in Waco, at the Belmead Wal-Mart parking lot. I stopped and visited with a Hispanic family walking into Wal-Mart. I noticed several young kids with the family and knew it would be a great opportunity to talk about education. Listen to what he says about dropping out of school and falling behind. In my opinion, these are many of the at-risk students in our school system today.

We, as Republicans can do much to reduce the numbers of students who fall through the cracks. If he had met someone from Stepping Stones, who knows what his life would be like today…

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