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Teen Pregnancy

Central to Latinos is the right to life. Family and relationships are essential to the Hispanic community, and Pro-life issues are imperative to the fundamental wellness of our community.

Several organizations have invested countless dollars into the study of why Latina’s lead the way in teen pregnancy.  It is already being coined as the next “epidemic.”

These studies take into account several factors, including economic, family structure and population growth trends to determine what we already know.  Our young Hispanic teenage girls are being trapped in a perpetuating system, where the end result normally ends in lifelong poverty, abusive relationships and a lack of education.

Many of these young girls drop out of school and never return, kicking off the cycle.

If we expect to make an impact, we must be willing to get involved in our community, raising the bar and expecting more from our children.  We should also take the time to learn about the problems existing in our communities and look into developing solutions for our young Latina’s.

How can you make an impact?

There are several ways to get involved.  As our mission states, we utilize our organized Hispanic Republican members to actively engage the community and get the message out to the people.

Unfortunately, many Liberal representatives/POLITICIANS see no problem with the crisis facing our community and are not doing anything to change the outcome.  They do not have the same morals and beliefs as you and I.  They don’t value life as we do.

So, it is in the best interest of the Hispanic community to support Representatives who support life.  From this basic, core belief, we can begin the process of undoing the damage done by 30 years of Planned Parenthood marketing to our children.  We can voice our opinion and express our views through protest, activism and community engagement.

This video was taken at a Protest against the Democrat , Chet Edwards, who was defeated by (R) Bill Flores.  It is just one example of how a handful of committed people can make an impact.