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Thank you for visiting our Mentor page.  As part of the Stepping Stones Education Initiative, developing a large base of Mentors is critical to our success.  One of the most common things we hear people say is, “I want to help, but don’t know what I can do.”

There are many people with time and energy to dedicate to a worthy cause, and if you’re politically astute, you understand how critical it is to develop our message within the Hispanic community.  But, before we go in and share our ideas, we must first earn the trust of the community.

Stepping Stones was designed as a tangible tactic, to actually do something productive to advance the Hispanic community.  Education is the key to opening doors and minds.  As a “Mentor,” you will become part of the solution for so many issues facing Hispanics and minorities in general.

After completing the mentor application and approval process, you will receive training on how to utilize the Stepping Stones program and provide guidance to students.

Now accepting Mentor Applications in TEXAS ONLY.

Please complete the form below, and someone with the Stepping Stones project will contact you.

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