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Attorney Network

We’ve all heard the nightmare stories about people who are taken advantage of by “shark” attorneys who prey on Immigrants and those unfamiliar with America’s legal system. These “bad apples” make it bad for all attorneys, who find themselves being lumped into the same basket.

For this reason, we are developing a “Trusted Attorney Network.” The attorneys you see listed on this page have been selected for their high ratings and client satisfaction. Our goal is to provide you with reliable information and credible attorneys who value their clients and have the highest standards. Please feel free to contact them knowing they are in the “Network.”

“It is your responsibility to advance yourself so your children have a better starting point than you did!”

Each “Trusted Attorney” has agreed to provide (1) 30 minute consultation for FREE.  During this consultation, you should be prepared to ask as many questions as possible, and be prepared with documentation if applicable.  If you find it necessary to continue with legal services after your initial contact, you are agreeing to terms between you and the attorney/law firm.  We hope you find this network of value, and we encourage you to share this page with others.

If you would like to request to be added to the “Trusted Attorney Network,” please Email Duke Machado


Law Firm Phone Number City Email Contact
Hermosa Law Firm (512) 225-5887 Austin Virginia Hermosa
The Andarza Law Firm (512) 322-9800 Austin Ivan Andarza
Law Office of Francisco Hernandez (817) 335-2331 Ft. Worth Francisco Hernandez
Davis & Associates (800) 860-4234 Dallas Garry Davis

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