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About Duke Machado

11894638_1135418593153183_4453746626844867513_oBorn in San Marcos, Texas and a 5th generation American, Duke Machado has become a strong voice in the Hispanic Conservative movement. A Republican activist, Machado has spent the past six years developing and distributing a message of Conservatism to other non-active voters, focusing within the Hispanic community.

Prior to getting involved in politics, Duke served six years in the U.S. Air Force, working with the Short Range Attack Missile (AGM-69A), a nuclear weapon system launched from B1-B and B-52 bombers. He maintained Top Secret Security Clearance and also served as the 384th Munitions Squadron’s Safety Officer.

After the Air Force, Duke entered the Automotive Industry and has never looked back. He has managed and operated New Car Franchise dealerships in Texas and is currently planning on opening his own Independent Dealership.

He has been married to his High School sweetheart, Glenda for 25 years and has one 8 year old daughter, Olivia.

Prior to Obama’s first election, Machado was like most other Americans, busy raising a family and building a career. After Obama’s election, he vowed to get involved and make a difference.

In 2009 he created and launched the Hispanic Republican Club of McLennan County, then helped 5 other counties develop Hispanic Republican initiatives to raise awareness within the Hispanic community.

In 2010, with assistance from State Republican Executive Committeewoman, Janet Jackson, Duke formed and became an official Auxiliary of the Republican Party of Texas. At this time, Duke launched his first BlogtalkRadio program and began interviewing Congressional candidates, Senators, and State House Representatives.In 2011, Duke was nominated as the Texas Senate District 22 Volunteer of the Year.

With over 1,500 original blog articles on, countless originally produced videos and interviews and online radio presence, Duke has been creating valuable content relevant to the Hispanic Conservative movement.

Because of his actions, Duke was asked to join the WAARadio Network, Wayne’s Dupree’s grassroots radio program. WAARadio has a nationwide audience, with over 150,000 Live Streams and over 45,000 monthly downloads.

Duke’s ability to calmly address issues with interview guests creates an informative, entertaining show filled with facts and commentary. He is honest and fair, but firm. These characteristics have made him a voice of reason among a sea of angry show hosts.