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The War within Islam is Happening Now. Who will Win?

There has been a battle going on within Islam since the first Caliph. Of the world’s population of Muslims, nearly 90% are Sunni. The 10% of Shi’a include Iran and their allies. Who will emerge with control of Islam? How will it affect the U.S.? Please vote in this poll and share your thoughts on this in the comments below.

Comments (4)

  1. This is a tough one…especially if you're not too familiar with the differences. But trust me, this WAR within Islam will do all it can to pull the U.S. into the muck and mire. Which one should we support, if any?

  2. It is difficult, but ISIS are Sunni and cause more immediate concern. Hessian was Sunni, too. The Shi'a are more numerous. As a Christian, and knowing that both sides are against Christ as our Savior, I can only pray first and vote second. <>

  3. My analysis suggests that Saudi Arabia has realized that it is stuck in Yemen, unable to change the outcome in Syria due to Russia’s intervention, and incapable of stopping Iran from expanding its influence in the region. Add to that, the internal rift inside the Saudi royal palace that depicts the Sudairi tribe against others; all this is a ticking bomb waiting to explode. So the political calculations the kingdom made suggest it wants to drag other countries mainly the US into the conflict. This scenario is of a great concern to me as hawks in Washington are already sounding the drums for US support, whatever it entails, to the kingdom.

    Washington needs to objectively think this thru as geopolitical landscape in the Middle East is certainly shifting but not to our favor. A military conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia would have major repercussions. I hope wisdom prevails as Washington debates what to do next in support of its closest yet perplexing ally.

  4. I noticed hardly anyone has voted in this poll. We average 500 votes per poll. This one looks like it has only a few. Shows me no one really understands the significance of the two ideologies within Islam.

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