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Of these two Republican Primary Candidates, which one will get more Hispanic Votes?

There’s been much talk about the Hispanic vote this election. Which of these two Republican Primary Candidates do you think will get more Hispanic votes?

Comments (5)

  1. Which one has pandered to illegals and Democrats in the belief its necessary to receive legal Hispanic votes….. That would be Marco Ocho Rubio… gang of 8 founding father. Just say No to Ocho Rubio…

  2. Marco Rubio is strong on immigration in a rational manner. Raphael Cruz is the biggest liar in DC! Nobody tells Senator Rubio what to do. He is a brilliant patriot who will bring us together. Foreign policy is the most impt issue and he is acknowledged as the " hawk" on this. The closer bigots won't have to worry about immigration if radicals take over our country!

  3. I believe that you are going for Cruz, well you should do a little research, other than saying nothing at all and never answers a direct question no matter what it is, and goes on his stuttering spinning and if that does not work he attacks Marco, pray tell me why hasn't he ever said anything nasty or unkind about Trump?

  4. I believe that Rafael Cruz, has no idea on how to say anything that is true. Compulsive and habitual liar.

  5. Absolutely not, NO TO RAFAEL EDUARDO FELITO CRUZ, This guy is not even an American, what is wrong with you, do you want or are you in the mood for another Obummer.

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