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Texas Republican Chairman, Tom Mechler, “I want everyone to have a seat at the table”

If there are any minorities in Texas who feel they’ve been neglected by the Republican Party in the past, they can’t say that anymore.

Tom Mechler, Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas joined me last night on the Duke Machado Show to discuss current issues and the future of the Republican Party in Texas.  In our conversation, we talked about the importance of Keeping Texas Red and doing all we can to extend and invitation to minorities.  He is inspired in politics by his faith and feels “The Lord did not concentrate intelligence in just one race, it’s evenly distributed across all races, and I see that in God’s Word.”

Chairman Mechler is serious about the future of Texas and the Republican Party.

“When I stand at the next State Republican Convention, I don’t want to look into the crowd and just see white faces.  I want to see a reflection of our state,” emphasized the Chairman. He wants to see all different ethnic backgrounds representative of the state.

Mechler feels the Democrats have been taking advantage of the minority community for decades, and Republicans haven’t done enough to draw them to our side.  He asks, “Where is the key to unlock the potential of the minority community?”  He understands “minorities want the same things Anglo’s want…good opportunity for quality education, economic opportunity, to have good jobs, be independent from the government and the opportunity to succeed.”

In 2014, we just came off a tremendous victory and the Republicans defeated the Democrats soundly, but despite our victory, we cannot become complacent.  In Texas, Democrats understand if they can turn Texas Blue and becomes a Democrat state, then it becomes impossible for Republicans to ever win the White House.

Reflecting on demographic trends in minority communities, in 2019, minority votes will be the majority.  For this reason, Battleground Texas, a Democrat initiative, is busy trying to undo the Republican stronghold.

Immigration discussion

With the desire to attract Hispanics, and immigration issue being so controversial in our Party, is there a way to inject Christian values into an immigration solution?  “I think sometimes what we have is a lot of immigration rhetoric, which concerns me.  Just making statements doesn’t actually necessarily entail finding a solution to solve a problem or an issue.”  He continued, “People say we should have a mass deportation.  Whether people think that or not, the reality has to be addressed…is that even possible?  Then you determine whether it’s reasonable, but  I personally think it’s impossible.”  He continued, “Are we going to increase the budget 100’s of billions of dollars for law enforcement and then we’re going to go door to door to find everybody here illegally?  How would you ever do that? And… how do we keep from becoming a Gestapo state?”

Candidates are running for office, and they’re saying things to gather support.  From education reform to immigration reform, candidates are trying to offer solutions, but the Chairman suggests people listen carefully for solutions, not just talking rhetoric.

Massachusetts activist calls in

Alex Veras, Republican activist called in to the show, and is having issues with his state Chairman who does not support minority outreach.  He asked Chairman Mechler, “What would you say to those who aren’t investing time in the minority community?”  Mechler responded, “Well, I don’t want to speak on the leadership of another state Party official, but we should be focusing on education and school choice, where everyone can receive a quality education.  This is key.”  He emphasized the fact Democrats and Teacher’s Unions simply want to throw more money at the problem, but fail to get results.  He suggested school choice empowers minorities, especially in urban areas, to improve their education and therefore, increase the quality of life.

Working as a Party to help minorities achieve more in life, is key to gaining support.  Issue by issue, the Chairman feels Republican values mirror many of the values within the minority community.  “I want everyone to have a seat at the table,” said Chairman Mechler.

This interview / conversation was important to get on record because many people (Democrats) feel Republican Party leadership is only concerned with continuing the same ‘ol GOP policies and tactics, many of which appear to not include minorities.  One thing is certain, Texas is about as diverse as it gets.  Our state is filled with Hispanics who for the most part, believe in God and try to live a Christian lifestyle.

As the Chairman said, “Their values are our values.  We need to do all we can to reach them and welcome them.”

We look forward to many more updates / interviews with the Texas Republican Chairman.  His vision for Texas is inclusive of all Conservatives and his actions reflect his vision.  Listen to the complete interview below and share.

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