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The Duke Machado Show : Mass Deportation is Not the Answer

In this episode, I get into the discussion about how Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Scott Walker have all aligned themselves with the Mass Deportation / Self Deportation plan for solving immigration issues.  We all know we need to secure the border, but what about all those here already?  What do we do with them?  Is the only option on the table the one that places Republicans in the worst possible light?  I think we can solve this issue another way.  Identifying those already here is a must.  Listen to this podcast to get my perspective on how the GOP can lead on this issue.

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Comments (3)

  1. Several Hispanic friends were taught it is is rude to speak Spanish around English speaking people.This was also told to the German people who spoke German. My wife is 2nd generation "American" of German parents and grandparents. I enjoyed listening to my MIL and her mother speaking German on the telephone, with a English word thrown in they talking. My wife speaks no German. My friends of Chekhovian ancestry are the same way… Do not speak anything but English in public. They can still speck Chek. This is the way with all the people of small rural Texas where I grew up. I am 62.

    Mass deportation will not work. Some smarter than me needs to work the real details on this. Anchor Baby's should not be used… With any Race. I do not have the answer to that either… The whole system is broke,,,

    My neghbors were part of the Reagen act.. Worked well for them. Our children playec together. the kids were at our house all the time. Dad worked and spoke well. moma had a problem with English but after 20 years she was better, but still not well at it.

    My BIL does not speak Spanish very well, His parents did… A long time Citizens in Texas and may be natiave Texans that has never come up. He is very consertive-Republican. I speak some Spanish from Early age but in not speaking it, you loose. The people from Mexico speak too fast, even for my BIL who understands well. He is a little younger than I am. Best friends in High School are Hispanic… Mexican American.

    Trump brings out issues by sturing the pot…But I think he will not be the final canadiate. Hopefull he will get knocked out earlier. I do not see him consideing.

    Thanks Duke….

  2. My wife works at TAMU and when I ride in the elevator and people are speaking Chinese, or people speaking Arabic, or some other langauge, this is also rude. They have to speak English as grad students but do not. They may be great people but……

  3. If all persons present speak one lanuage then that is the language to be spoken. If some do not speak both language then if it's private talk between individuals that is exceptable. If it's for the group then you should have an interpreter is to be furnished.

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