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#WAARadio Streaming the Grassroots Movement

When Andrew Chavarrilla invited me to join Wayne Dupree’s #WAARadio Network, I had no idea what I was getting into.

Dupree, a well-known Conservative Activist from Baltimore, Maryland, has been busy building his dream; to create an alternative voice and spread the message of Conservatism, providing an outlet for the Grassroots movement.

The platform he’s selected is  In fact, #WAARadio is now the #1 Political Talk Show on

But Wayne isn’t satisfied with just being #1 in the Political Genre.  He’s driven to become the top show on and he’s motivating his team of talented, unique voices in the conservative movement.

The title program is Wayne Dupree’s personal weekly show, “The Wayne Dupree Show,” featuring exclusive interviews with todays top Presidential Candidates and people in the news.  Also, other hosts of programs like “The Battlefield of Ideas” and “The Vito and Vito Show” are adding conversations for the listeners to enjoy.

Unlike the standard, main-stream radio hosts, Dupree’s hosts span a wide array of viewpoints.  All are Conservative voices, but the opinions vary, which makes #WAARadio a new option to gain fresh perspectives.

I am proud to have joined this team and look forward to growing our listener base.  To Listen Live, visit this Direct Stream  .


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