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Undocumented Nightmare, Dealing with Irrational People

Last night, I was included in a 50 person thread about illegal immigrants. There was a video posted by a young woman that was inflammatory and immature. The person who responded to the video wrote a long response talking about the importance and significance of illegal immigrants and how hard they work.

The entire response was in Spanish. So, I felt inclined to respond as best I could, in Spanish. My response was that I understood why people are coming here. I know their families are hungry. I know there is no work in their home countries. I also know that corruption in government is rampant, and their economy is in shambles.

All that said, I also mentioned that people are frustrated because it seems as though these immigrants are making demands on the people of the United States and feel entitled to legalization.

Immediately after I posted my comment, people began assuming that I was in favor of deportation and against the immigrant. One person went so far as to draw conclusions that I was racist.

Another person said that I must not know that most of the people in this thread were undocumented residents. I responded by saying that I knew, and more than likely this was the reason why I was included into this conversation so that I could share my perspective.

But here’s the truth. They don’t care about my perspective. They only care about legalization and by which ever means possible. There is no mention of a process. There is no attempt to provide solutions, and when I outlined a documentation plan twice, no one responded.

Instead, they immediately came with insults. Just like progressives do to diminish a voice, these undocumented residents had to show that I was inhumane. They had to paint me as a racist. Otherwise, the words that I spoke might penetrate and their movement cannot afford truth.

Continually, from different people, they insulted and made assumptions about me. They went so far as to try to make me feel ashamed of being a United States citizen. One lady said that just because I happen to be born in this country and knew how to write and speak English correctly, that I could not know what they were going through. It was this same woman who called me a racist. Well, she’ll say she didn’t call me a racist, but “people like me” are racist.

This conversation, if one can call it that, showed me the inept ability for these undocumented residents to have a rational discussion. I asked one person if he felt undocumented residents were entitled to legalization. His response was “yes I do, the ones that have been here a period of time and have not broken any laws. And no, not as 2nd rate citizens is you want them to be.”

I never said I wanted people to live as 2nd rate citizens, but the hatred they have for anyone who does not support complete and total amnesty is obvious. They must continue to vilify the Republican Party, our candidates and anyone who speaks against them.

They could care less about the laws of this country and if it were up to them we would have no borders. They would be okay with total and complete free flow of people from all around the world without checkpoint. They will never accept responsibility and accountability for their initial actions of violating our laws.

Instead, they place demands that we succumb to their wishes.

We can never give in to this movement. They are not concerned with the safety and security of this nation, they only care about their immediate family members and have complete disregard for us.

When I challenge them to provide solutions of their own, since I twice laid out a plan, they responded with more insults. Of the 49 others included in this thread, not one could provide a solution.

Another person, who claims to be a political science major, also called me a racist. They are comparing me to Ann Coulter, which they have no idea how much I despise much of what she says. It all goes back to this… if it doesn’t fit, destroy it.

Ultimately they decided that my input was not needed. One man went so far as to say that my life did not matter.

They have successfully alienated me from their movement. Now, it is my duty to expose them and their selfish plans. They don’t care to have a discussion. They don’t want any help from Republicans, and they feel they have everything under control. So, I rest. No longer will I defend them. No longer will I try to convince my other Republican friends that we need to try and solve this problem.

As far as I’m concerned, they’re on their own. Until they can have a rational discussion without throwing immature insults, I will not support their movement.

Here are just a few:

@Duke you are a racist. you sound like Ann Coutler.”

“Y lo peor de todo es que hay ( gentes ) tan racistas y peores los “” cabezas negras “” que sienten que porque nacieron aquí y saben hablar y escribír perfectamente el inglés ya son AMERICANOS.”

“I feel sorry for people like you.

I know your type, you claim the Government and country are going to hell. ”

“A nadie le importa tu vida Señor Machado. ”

“Duke Machado, if you don’t mind me asking a simple question, are you mexican descent? If not what are you?

“…because this right wing bigots want to keep their base of Neo confederates and other racists happy. Scaring them that immigrants are the problem…. a page taken from nazi german against the jews.”

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