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The Duke Machado Show – Debut on W.A.A.R. / Wayne Dupree

For several years, I’ve been blogging and creating audio / video content to help build the Republican movement within the Hispanic community.

Why the Hispanic community?  Believe it or not, I struggled in the beginning to identify myself as “Hispanic.”  I was an American, and proud Veteran of the U.S. Air Force.  We were all one color.

But politics isn’t the same.  Data dictates that individuals are classified and categorized into pockets of voters.  Democrats have mastered the art of pandering to minorities and because of our inability to outpace the Democrat message, we are now playing catch up.

Fortunately, we have the right message on our side.  We have the right leaders, willing to fight for our freedoms and liberties.  Our rights must be protected, and in my opinion, it will be the Hispanic Awakening that corrects the path this country is on.

The Hispanic vote will no longer lie with Democrats, but with America-loving patriots who place freedom over passive foreign policy.  We have a long way to go, and it will take a monumental effort, but the Republican Party has faced worse problems in our past.  And when we faced adversity, we united and overcame some of our country’s darkest days.

I am honored to be broadcasting on the WAAR Network, created by Wayne Dupree and the #1 Political Talk Channel on  My co-host and Studio Engineer, Andrew Chavarrilla, will be keeping me straight, screening callers and running the chat boards.  Great to have his help!

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