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Online Radio program features Grassroots Activists talking about Presidential Candidates

The mainstream media is known for repeating the same thing over and over again, until their message sinks in.  Mostly led by liberal minded CEO’s, these media companies have proven to be “in bed” with the Democrat Party.

But despite their misinformation campaigns, grassroots activists know better.  We aren’t fooled by the “lame-stream” media and will not walk blindly according to their will.

This program, Presidential Chatter 2016, which airs weekly on Thursdays at 9pm (CST), will feature known activists from across the state of Texas and the nation.  Our perspectives may share some insight to those seeking information about the candidates.

In this show, we had Ralph Patterson (SREC SD22) in the studio, and had activists from across the state call in and give personal thoughts on the candidates and why they support one over the other.

Help us keep the dialogue going and share this with other like-minded activists.

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