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Welfare Abusers, the Leeches of Society

There’s no other way to put it…our welfare system is being abused, and the amount of taxpayer dollars (your money) being spent on the welfare system keeps increasing, with no trend in reduction. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not against a safety net, but I am against abuse.

Our society is drifting toward collapse, and those abusing our welfare system are contributing to our downfall.

There was a time when people were ashamed of being on welfare or receiving government assistance. But today, it’s nearly a badge of honor, proof of one’s ability to cheat “tha man.”

But who’s really getting cheated? We are!

We support the demise of this country because we allow abusers to keep sucking the life out of us. I know…I know…it sounds like I’m preaching the end of the world, but think about it. How many people do you know on some form of government assistance?

How many healthy people, fully ABLE to work, but are drawing $733/month in Social Security income? Having never worked in the first place, how could they receive money from something they never contributed to? Yet, WE ALLOW it. We look the other way and don’t say a word.

You see, for those of us who work, provide for our families, you know…responsible people, we pay-in so that if the time ever came when we needed some help, we could get the help. But others, with an “entitlement” mentality… who feel they’re owed something, don’t think they need to work. They think the government should provide for them.

And why do they feel this way? Because they know how to work the system. They know the tricks and tactics to use to get the approval and lifetime government check. They know how to look crazy, how to act dumb, how to pretend to be injured. Yes…I said it. The abuse is sickening, and society is accepting it.

From housing allowance and SSI to Lone star Card fraud and SNAP abuse, healthy, able-bodied people are sucking the life out of this country and taking away from those who truly need the support.

I do believe the welfare system is there as a safety net, and is not intended to provide long-term income. Rather than sit around and play video games, they should be working or at least trying to get a job. Man or woman. It makes no difference.

I do not have sympathy for leechers, and neither should you. The time must come when society frowns upon those who take advantage, knowingly abusing our system. They are violators of our society and care less about their fellow citizens who pay taxes and support them.

My grandfather would always say, “If you don’t work…you don’t eat!” I’m not saying we need to starve people out, but for heaven’s sake, we can’t allow abusers to take our country down with them. We need to re-instill the value of work. The pride that comes with providing for one’s family.

We do NOT need to be the society that accepts loser dads who impregnate multiple women and are proud of their many “baby’s mommas” and fatherless children. We need to speak out and devalue their lifestyle choices and call it like it is…fraud, waste and abuse of the taxpayer’s money. I suggest we implement random drug testing for all recipients of welfare benefits. If they have enough to get high, then they do not need our money.

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  1. Very good article piece there Duke!

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