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Getting through the Republican Primaries – 2016

rubioI’m not sure the best qualified Republican presidential candidates will get through our Republican primary.   Only those willing to take a hard-line approach on certain issues will have a chance.  All others will be diced up and thrown into the trash.

In short, the most aggressive stance on dealing with illegal immigration will win the nomination.  Why?  Because this is who our Republican primary voters are.  They don’t want anyone talking about solving the immigration issue.  They want to hear candidates talk about deportation and how firm they are on border security.

In 2008 and 2012, some of us in the Republican lower ranks kept saying, “We need to deal with this immigration issue before it’s too late.”  We felt the Democrats would monopolize the debate and solve the issue without support from Republicans.  What happened?

Marco Rubio, at the time, the darling of the GOP, decided he’d step out on a limb and help a bi-partisan committee develop a solution for immigration.  Before an actual plan was put in place, he was demonized and destroyed by Tea Party activists, conservative media, radio and social media.

He never got the chance to fully develop the bill, and it died before it took its first breath.  With it, many said, came Rubio’s fall from GOP grace.

So, what we learned is, don’t give an answer.  Evade the question.  Deflect and veer back around to border security, because it’s safe, and everyone knows nothing can happen until the borders are secure.

Instead of hearing solutions, we hear non-answers from candidates who fear retribution from primary voters in the Republican Party.  These candidates can’t say what they feel, or what plans they have, unless they include mass deportation, which wins votes and is like throwing red meat to a pack of hungry dogs.

When I see a candidate willing to take on these tough issues and say what they feel, I will have much more respect for them.  When I hear evasion and cowardice, I will lose respect for them and will discourage anyone from supporting them.

Now is not a time for weak-kneed leadership.  Now is a time for God-fearing people to lead by example and have the courage and conviction to stand their ground without fear of losing the “base.”

I know there isn’t a consultant in this country who would advise his candidate to follow this methodology, but maybe that’s why we’re losing faith in our government.  We can’t believe even our own candidates.  They will say whatever it takes during the primary, then do whatever they want after.

Comments (2)

  1. This is why Rubio is the Man!

  2. Rubio is undeniably the best candidate in the GOP field

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