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Keeping the American Dream Alive

o-AMERICAN-FLAG-570Despite what the socialists want us to think, America is still the best place on earth to live.  One can visit places around the world, do business in China, and experience nature’s beauty, but in the end, nothing feels better than coming home to a country where freedom, though slipping away, is still a valued commodity.

The Europeans are doing everything perfectly, according to my German friend.  There’s no poverty, everyone has free healthcare, and now, in Germany, college tuition is free; even to American-born citizens.

A college student here in America,  he keeps telling me how great Germany is, and how advanced they are as a society.  He talks about their economic power, and their benevolence toward those unwilling to work.  Many of them are receiving state and federal welfare assistance, and unfortunately have become dependent on that money.  But at least we call it what it is…poverty.

He insists Germany has no poverty.  “How can it?” he exclaimed, “when someone is unwilling to work, it’s better for the government to provide for them,” he added. “Unwilling to work?” I replied.  We call that unemployment here.  When they go on welfare, they are in poverty.

According to him, Germans feel obligated to provide a living for all its citizens.  He claims they are better off for it.  I said, “You’re creating a society that will grow, and one day, will overwhelm the country’s finances.  Look what’s happened in America,” I said.

“In a country of 100 Million, what significance is it to pay for 4 Million unwilling to work?” he asked.  “Yes, but in time, that 4 Million turns to 8, then 10 Million,” I responded.  “You’re simply creating indentured servitude.”

While the sophisticates relish in the European glory, I am grateful for this wonderful country and all it has to offer.  We are essentially limitless, as long as our laws are abided.  No one owes us anything, and if we work hard, apply ourselves, we can overcome any obstacle and achieve success.

We can take pride in our accomplishments because we sacrificed and sometimes suffered through difficult times in order to reach our goal.  Is it easy?  No.  Is it worth the blood, sweat and tears?  Yes.

Our Americanism is hard for people to understand.  They aren’t sure why we think the way we do, or act the way we do.  They wonder about our confidence and ability to make things happen by sheer determination.

This is the joy of being an American.

Our past is riddled with war.  We did fight many countries to retain our freedoms, and we’re not done fighting.  Muslim extremists, nations of Islamic terrorism seek to destroy our very fabric of who we are.  They hate us because of our American “ego.”

My German friend, whom I know loves Americans, is on a quest to be a “bridge” back to Germany and Europe.  He will take back his experiences in this country and share them with his friends and colleagues.  Perhaps they will always look at us as an undeveloped country, still full of antiquated values and policies.

But until this nation falls, I will keep the dream alive.


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