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Republicans Support Immigration Solution, not another Presidential Executive Mandate

Rep. Bill Flores, R-Texas

Rep. Bill Flores, R-Texas

I’m tired of reading the liberal media’s headlines doing their best to make Republicans look like the “bad guys” on this immigration issue.

They’re saying Republicans will have a much more obstructive approach when they take control of the Congress in January, and therefore, Democrats and in particular, the President, need to act now before it’s too late.

Those wanting to become legal, are now worked into a frenzy and angry at Republicans for “ruining” their opportunity.

But here’s the reality.  According to a recent poll, 48% of those polled are against an Obama Executive Order.  Just a few weeks ago, Republicans routed Democrats across the country and in January will control the House and Senate.  They were sent to Washington by the American people, to stop Obama’s assault on their Country. 

While immigration is a toxic issue that most politicians run from, the truth is, there are Republicans who want to improve conditions in this country for immigrants.

Republican Leadership can make the difference

Obviously, some in our Party are reluctant to get tangled in this mess, yet others, like (R-TX) Congressman Bill Flores, are openly speaking about how to solve this issue.  Flores, who was recently elected to the Republican Study Committee (RSC), is in position to guide the debate on not only immigration, but also the nation’s top concerns.

Now that Rep. Bill Flores is at the helm, Republican officials may be on track to solving this immigration issue. 

Flores, a 5th generation Texan, is fully aware of the growing Hispanic population in Texas.  He’s familiar with immigration and is concerned with finding a solution.  At a Chamber of Commerce event in McGregor,TX, Flores laid out his thoughts for dealing with this.

He asked the crowd, “How many of you think we should round-up all the illegal residents?”  No one raised their hands.   He asked another question, “Who in this room thinks we should grant blanket amnesty for those here illegally?”  Again, no one raised a hand.

Bottom line, extreme actions are not wanted.

Flores knows people want a solution, but also knows we can’t sacrifice the security of the American people, in order to rectify the immigration issue.  Flores also supports the concept of a guest worker program and understands there must be a process to identify those living among us illegally, to separate the criminals from the working families.

Yes, there is a difference within the illegal population.  Some are here to cause problems, harm Americans and threaten our way of life.  Others are here to create a life for their families.  Our effort should not be to grant citizenship to those here illegally.   Instead, for those abiding by our laws (with exception of how they got here) we should make an effort to assimilate them and create a pathway toward legalization.  Criminals, we all agree, should not be allowed to live here.  They should be deported immediately.

Republicans are concerned with Obama’s Administration and for good reason.  He’s misled the American people before, and he’ll do it again.  Let’s not leave this in the hands of one overreaching President.  Let the people’s elected officials write the laws and present them to the President.  Not the other way around.


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