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McLennan County Hispanic voters could elect 1st Hispanic Commissioner

While it’s never been a major point in Tony Abad’s campaign against (D) Lester Gibson, if he is elected, Abad will make McLennan County history by being the first Hispanic Commissioner elected to the court.

Not one to emphasize race as a reason to vote for someone, Abad is aware of the potential to be the first Hispanic County Commissioner, and the significance it would make to the Hispanic community as well as the rest of Precinct 2.

McLennan Pop ProjectAs data shows, McLennan County is about to see a large increase in Hispanic population.  In fact, Central Texas is going to be in the heart of Texas’ growth and prosperity.  From 2015 – 2020, Hispanics in McLennan County will see nearly a 20,000 increase in population, while the Black population barely increases over 1,300 and the Anglo population actually drops by nearly 8,500.

If the numbers say anything, they lead to a Hispanic future in McLennan County, one that demands Hispanic representation.   These aren’t make-believe numbers.  They’re not even designed to instill fear.  What they are, is an indication of what is to come.

Hispanics in Waco and Bellmead are at a point in their history, when they can become part of the shift in politics and local representation.  For decades, Hispanics have traditionally followed the Democrat Party and supported their candidates.  In large numbers, (nearly 70%) Hispanics supported President Obama, but in today’s world, where Obama’s approval ratings are in the tank, and Hispanic support has dropped nearly 25% according to Gallup polling, automatic support isn’t so automatic.

With all the poor decisions attributed to the Obama Administration, from Fast and Furious, to the Handling of ISIS and Muslim Extremism and yes, even Ebola.  Everywhere you turn, Obama is falling, even among women voters (from 57%-43% approval.)

tony aDespite all his efforts to distract the voters, they have seen around the curtain, and realize he is not the “Great One,” but rather just a man, like them.  He doesn’t have the answers.  Poverty is still high.  Unemployment is still rampant, and even more have stopped looking for work.

Because of these factors, a fresh new face in politics is much needed.  While on the national level, Washington can’t ever seem to get its act together, locally, we can.

Democrat Commissioner, Lester Gibson, has been representing McLennan County Precinct 2 for over 24 years.  He has maintained his seat because he’s successfully included the majority of Black Waco residents into his precinct, who turn-out in high percentages to support him.  He’s also received several votes from the Hispanic community, who traditionally vote Democrat.

But Gibson’s tactics are making some think twice about casting their vote  for him again.  And this time, Tony Abad gives Hispanic voters a choice outside the traditional “box.”  Rural voters frustrated with Gibson will also play a major role in this election, and Hallsburg, Riesel, Axtell and Mart will all make an impact.

Every media outlet knows the data for Hispanics.  They know our income levels, population rates, even our drop-out rates.  And yes, unfortunately, they know our voting record.   There are thousands of registered, Hispanic voters who can vote in McLennan County, but don’t.

If there ever was a time your vote counted, it’s now.  Next Tuesday, November 4th, 2014, you can cast your vote for someone who represents your Christian values and understands your Hispanic heritage.  It’s OK to break tradition and vote your values.

I ask for your support for Tony Abad for County Commissioner.  Help us make history on November 4th!


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