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Gibson part of the problem, by Joe Mashek “Retired” Commissioner Pct 3

This is a re-post from the Waco Trib Letter to the Editor (October 11, 2014)

Joe Mashek

Joe Mashek

In reference to the Sept. 16 article in the Waco Trib, “Gibson hire riles two commissioners,” it should have said “riles three commissioners.” I was very shocked and surprised Precinct 3 McLennan County Commissioner Will Jones​ voted for this new position. Precinct 2 Commissioner Lester Gibson already has three employees in administrative positions — more than any other precinct — and now he wants to add yet another?

Half of the salaries for county commissioners are paid from the commissioners court budget, the other half from the road and bridge budget. Seems Mr. Gibson wants to hire another person to do his work! The responsibilities of this new position are the same for the commissioner. It’s time for the commissioners court to make a change in the budget percentage for each precinct. All it takes is three votes. It can happen at any time.

Commissioner Will Jones should not have approved this as Precinct 3 is larger than Precinct 2 and yet has fewer employees. Commissioner Gibson should spend more of his budget on the roads in Precinct 2. They are the worst in the entire county!

The voters in Precinct 2 have an excellent opportunity to finally make a difference in the Nov. 4 election. Tony Abad will bring a fresh perspective and positive change to the McLennan County Commissioners Court as well as the road and bridge department. It’s up to the voters in Precinct 2 to make this happen. Please get out and vote.

Joe Mashek, “Retired” County Commissioner, Pct. 3, West

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