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Tony Abad working campaign in Bellmead

Bellmead kids posing for pic while Tony Abad visits with voter.

Bellmead kids posing for pic while Tony Abad visits with voter.

Traditional campaign logic says we shouldn’t “waste” time and money working our campaigns in areas that don’t historically vote for Republicans.

In the end. they may be right, but Tony Abad Republican candidate for McLennan County Commissioner (pct 2)  , wants to meet the people face-to-face.

He wants to find out what they think about their precinct.  He’s putting a different face on the Republican Party, and it feels good.

Bellmead, a city on the edge of North Waco, has been a solid area for incumbant Lester Gibson, who depends on Democrat Party loyalty in order to win.  The emerging city is positioned for success, the gateway to Waco on HWY 84.

But it’s also dealing with issues like poverty, education, poor road conditions and a stretched budget.  La Vega ISD is doing all it can to educate the students, but the community is still struggling.  Time for new County Leadership.  Time for Tony Abad.

When we ask people, “So, are things better now, or 24 years ago?”  They pause, reflect on the past two decades, and respond, “the same or maybe a little worse.”

Tony Blockwalking 3We met people today who voted the past 4 and 5 times for a Democrat.  We knocked on their doors, visited with them on their porch, and got into some great conversations.

Some were quick to ask our Party affiliation.  “You a Democrat?”  Tony’s Response, “No, I’m Republican, but here’s what I want to do to improve our precinct…”

If you’re interested in helping Tony win, we need your help.

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