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The Hispanic Vote in Waco

tony aThe Hispanic community in Waco and McLennan County has incredible potential. But potential is just that. It is something that “could” be, not something that “is.”

The power of our individual vote, which at this time is insignificant in the region, can transform our community if we make the effort to cast our vote.

With all the hype of the power of the Hispanic vote, in McLennan County, most Hispanics stay home, leaving the actual voters to shape their future.

In certain precincts in Waco with heavy concentrations of Hispanic voters, hundreds, if not thousands of registered voters fail to cast a ballot. These are registered voters, and all they have to do is show up at the ballot box on Election Day, show their ID, and vote, yet this fails to happen.

Precincts 5 & 6 lie in the area of Cesar Chavez Middle School, the heart of the Hispanic community in Waco.  In these 2 precincts alone, 451 voters didn’t vote.

Why do most Hispanics in Waco not make it to the polls? We could guess why this is, but some say the primary reason is Hispanics feel underrepresented. In short, they feel they do not relate to any candidate on the ballot and therefore are not energized to go vote.

But what if Hispanics shocked the vote and showed up in force this election? What would life be like if we actually participated in the election process and elected someone who represented us?

For decades, we’ve dealt with poverty and declining education in our communities. We’ve seen crime increase, taxes increase and opportunities fade.

If we are the great powerful force the media says we are, then would our community be in the condition it’s in now? No. If we were informed voters, we would not stand for the political games that have been played on our community.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results. If we want to improve our community, it starts by having elected officials who care about our community. People like Tony Abad, a Hispanic running for County Commissioner in McLennan County, are standing up, ready to lead.

The thing we need to do differently is to actually vote. With our vote, we can dictate our future. Staying home is simply buying into the propaganda that your vote doesn’t matter. Because we stay home, our community is where it is today.

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