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One Reason “They” Come to America

Recently, I had a conversation with an undocumented immigrant from El Salvador.  He was looking for work, willing to do anything to make a few extra dollars.

I struck up a conversation, curious about all the migration from Central and South America.  I asked in Spanish, “Why is it that people come here illegally, instead of waiting to come legally?”  He replied in Spanish, “It’s hard to do it.  You need to have $20,000 in your bank account before you can get on the list, and who has $20,000?  No one…so we have no choice.”

I said, “Well you have lots of people who are angry that people are crossing the border illegally…what do you say to them?”

“Well, it’s very difficult to survive in El Salvador.  There are gangs everywhere, and the drug cartels know everyone.  If you have some success, and make a little money, buy a bigger house, they will pay you a visit.” he said.

“A visit?” I replied?

“Yes, in the middle of the night, they slip a bag under your door and tell you how much you need to put in it.  You can agree to pay $300 per week, or $1000 per month.  If the next day they come by to get their bag of money, and it’s not there…they kill one of your family members,” he said with a serious tone.

We wonder why they come, as if we’re clueless to the atrocities committed in Central and South America.  It is no different than escaping from a death camp.  Faced with options provided by local gangs, fleeing to America is a cakewalk compared to surviving among the murderers in South America.

I remember the videos of the S. Vietnemese mothers who rushed the U.S. Embassy, holding their children out in their arms, hoping an American would load them into the helicopter and save their child.

Today, it is no different on our Southern border.  We have loads of children hitting our border.  Can you imagine the anguish the mothers had when they let their children load into a truck to be carried away, possibly never to be seen again?

Times must be really bad for a mother to do that to their child.

Yet, we have some who do not feel the compassion.  At any cost, they prefer to only talk about securing our border, unconcerned about the cause of the flight of the people.  If I were faced with their reality, I can promise, I would do anything in order to protect my family and ensure their survival.

We compassionate Conservatives can solve this problem.  We can lead on immigration, and we can do it in a way that doesn’t compromise our safety.


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