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Immigration Battle Intensifies Before Upcoming GOP Convention


Do the actions of the extreme right help, or hurt our efforts to build the Republican Party?

Conservative groups opposing the 2012 Republican Platform issue on the Immigration plank known as the Texas Solution, are ramping up efforts to destroy the advances made within the Republican Party.

These organizations have been gathering, developing a network of Anti-Texas Solution activists intent on bringing the Texas Republican Party back to their version of it’s true core.

They claim supporters of the Texas Solution are for Amnesty, saying we want Open Borders.  They claim we want to open the flood gates for immigration and saturate the workforce.  Why?  Because we’re greedy capitalists who want cheap labor.  Sound familiar to you?

It reminds me of the Occupy Wall Street movement, where irritated activists villified corporations.  Their actions also remind me of Liberals and Progressives, who degrade and attack without providing any solutions of their own.  All they really do is stir the pot by spreading fear.  I realize Battleground Texas is here, but didn’t know they were sharing their tactics with our own fear mongerers.

I sure hope the Republican Party isn’t filled with mindless delegates willing to fall in line with the extreme factions of the Party.  They may think they’re the only “true” Conservatives, but we know better.  We know we’re not supporting Amnesty.  We don’t want open borders, and we don’t want rampant illegal immigration.

That’s why we’re doing something about it.  For these many reasons, Conservative Republicans stood up and crafted the foundation of what will eventually lead to legislative solutions.  We’re not just beating our chests, screaming “Stop Amnesty,” like some people I know.

I keep hearing Republicans say “We need to be FOR something, not just AGAINST something.”  This means reasonable Republicans want solutions.  Don’t ever forget the significance of that night in 2012 when Texas Republicans passed the Texas Solution.  Let’s keep this moving in the right direction and start holding our elected officials accountable for securing our state.

This Convention isn’t a battle to “Save Texas” like our opposition suggest, it’s a battle to “Save the Party.”  If we lose the strength of the Party, then Texas falls with it.  So let’s ask ourselves…what are we doing to attract more Conservatives?  What are we doing to attract more Hispanics, Blacks, Asians?


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