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I Support Janet Jackson 100% for SREC SD-22

Janet Jackson, SREC SD-22

Janet Jackson, SREC SD-22

For the past six years, I’ve been traveling across Texas Senate District 22 helping to build the Republican Party through Hispanic Inclusion.  I’ve dedicated  hundreds of hours, driven thousands of miles, and spent countless personal dollars doing what I thought was best for the Party, but I wasn’t alone.

Janet Jackson, our current SREC, was with me every step of the way.  She had no position…no title at that time.  She understood the value of the Hispanic vote and knew she could make an impact.  We weren’t “in it” for the glory.  We were building a movement across the district, speaking, coordinating, training first-time activists to become engaged in the Party, and we loved it.

After a few years of hard work, we became an Auxiliary of the Republican Party of Texas, and now GOPisForMe is followed by many political insiders for new perspectives on Texas politics.  Because of Janet’s selfless dedication to this vital component of our Party, we have made huge advances in the Hispanic Republican initiative.  

From the Senate District Forums she’s organized, to the work she does as Bosque County Chairman, Janet has done what it takes to keep the voters informed while assisting the Republican Chairmen in her district.  She is 100% committed to the Republican Party.

I can go on and on about the many wonderful things Janet’s done to advance the Party, but many of you already know her accomplishments.  If you don’t know what she’s done for the Party, I ask, “Where have you been?”

Because you see, she’s been on the field.  She’s been in the trenches, and she’s been putting in the work…while others slept.

That’s why, when I heard Lisa Dickison was running against Janet,  I thought…”What?  What has Lisa done for the Republican Party?

You’ll find there is no comparison between Janet and Lisa, and you’ll stand with me in full support of my very good friend, Janet Jackson.  Quite frankly, I would not be the activist I am if it were not for her.

(To know more about Janet’s history, click here.)

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