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A Trocha for the U.S. Southern Border?

Cuban freedom fighters lived in the jungle, but were still free.

Cuban freedom fighters lived in the jungle, but were still free.

In Cuba in the late 1800’s, the Spanish ordered three paths (Trochas) cleared through miles and miles of dense brush in order to divide the island into four controllable segments.

The locals had all been given a choice a few years earlier, to either comply with the Spanish military and move from their contry homes into the congested city, or they could give up everything and move into the jungle, keeping their freedom.

By the tens of thousands, many moved into the cities. They were hungry, didn’t have proper shelter, and braved disease and disentary in order to survive. Most regretted giving up their freedom, left to die a slow, miserable death.

Back then, the Spanish ruled the island with an iron fist, totally controlling everyday life on Cuba.  Slaves and Emancipados (emancipated but not free), carved wide paths across the island, and built towers in the clearing.  Their purpose was to keep the native resistance quarantined and isolated.

The rules for Spanish guards were simple. Shoot to kill.

The trocha strategy was not the right one.  While it definitely impacted the traffic flow, it proved to be a stonger motivator for the resistance.  If anyone was seen crossing into the trocha, they were instant targets, which positioned the Spanish as evil killers, since their ultimate directive was one of zero tolerance.

The trocha system allowed for corruption as well, where some could bribe their way across, with the right gift.  The one thing the Spanish Army never accounted for, was the Cuban people’s desire to remain free. They wanted to breathe fresh air, and provide for their families.  They saw death all around, and were running out of options.

Just as in the tyrannical times of the 1800’s, the desire for freedom is alive today and exists in Mexico and South America and all over the world.  It is this desire that draws immigrants to our great nation.  They seek basic essentials like Food, shelter, law and order…all desired by those without it.  They want to live in a place where they can sleep at night knowing their families are fed and are safe.

How can we blame someone for wanting what we have?  We can’t really.

As we discuss immigration policy and border security, we should remember the root of the problem lies in the immigrant’s desire for freedom.  We should be asking , “How do we secure the border without looking like North Korea?”

A Republican Candidate willing to secure the border AND provide a way for those here illegally to work and support their family without mass deportation, is one that should garner support from reasonable people, regardless of Party affiliation.




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