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Will Texas Republicans Revserse Course on Texas Solution?

Republican Party of Texas State Convention 2012

Republican Party of Texas State Convention 2012

The Republican Party of Texas will begin its State Convention in just a few short months.  In 2012, the Republican Party made history by introducing and passing the Texas Solution, a bold, market-based solution to the immigration issues plaguing the state.

For many Republicans with Hispanic heritage, who have understood the dilemma the Party’s immigration approach has created through the years, it was a huge victory, and a sign that the Republican Party was moving in the right direction.

But for those who fought to reject the platform resolution and lost, the time is coming to “fix” the platform.  I have no evidence, but something inside remembers the look of anguish on the faces of those Republicans who fought us on this issue.  They were desperate to rally their speakers, saying anything they could to entice other Republicans to fear immigrants.

In the end, they lost a close battle.

Two years later, I feel the battle is going to re-emerge, and this time my hunch is, they’ll be “prepared.”  Not that they weren’t prepared in 2012, but this time, they will make this immigration issue a top priority, doing what they can to unravel all the work done to advance the Party.

My hope is that my Party will not reverse course and unwind the platform, but I am outnumbered, and the halls are echoing with the cry of “Amnesty!”   The Eagle Forums and extreme right of the Republican Party have been on the offensive since that night in 2012, and they will not stop shouting AMNESTY until the platform is destroyed.

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