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Don’t start now, Dewhurst

texas-senate-dewhurstWe’re in a Republican runoff for Lt. Governor in Texas, and every vote matters.  Now it’s time to try and lock down as many voting blocks as possible, including the Hispanic vote.  But one candidate is up to his old tricks again.

Incumbent, Lt. Governor David Dewhurst, has been to the well once before when it comes to securing Hispanic support.  We call it “Hispandering.” Basically, it has to do with telling us whatever he thinks we want to hear.  When it comes to immigration, Dewhurst has been all over the place, and his position changes based on who he’s talking to.

There was a time, not too long ago, when the Lt. Governor was talking to us (a group of Hispanic leaders) about solutions for the undocumented problem we have in Texas.  But times have changed.  Today, Dewhurst acts as if he’s never supported such a plan.

Twice now, I’ve been contacted by those friendly to the Dewhurst camp, wondering if I may be on their side.

“Absolutely not,” I replied, “there’s no way I’m voting for a guy who’s blatantly lied to us.”

Dewhurst obviously has the cash to swoon supporters, and he’s quite the salesman, but it’s time for him to “close” someone else for the vote.  This Hispanic ain’t “buyin'” it.



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