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The Solution for Bullying

bullyCan we stop with all the hype on bullying?  Because of our inability to raise children properly, we have created a nation where people are afraid to stand up to a bully.  In short, they submit to tyranny…hence Obama.

When I was a kid, I lived out in the country with my mom, step-dad, sister and step-sister.  We were very poor.  No water, no electricity.  Our clothes were dirty, our shoes were worn, and our house was in shambles.

Still, this didn’t stop the Mormon missionaries from coming out and visiting with us about the church.  They came for several months, then we eventually, as a family, all became baptized in the church.

During those initial meetings, I remembered asking one of the Elders about what to do if someone was “picking” on you.  “How should I handle it?”

His reply was perfect, and is an approach everyone with a “bully” problem should take.

“Well, if they pick on you one time, walk away.  If they continue to pick on you, walk away again.  But, if after you’ve given them two chances and they continue picking on you, let ’em have it!”

Once I had the “OK” to take care of business, and I knew I wouldn’t be in trouble for defending myself, I was ready.  But something must have changed in my demeanor, because from that moment forward, I was never picked on again.

Bullys seek weakness.  When they run into a situation where they may potentially become the “prey,” they usually back off.  I must have carried myself differently after my conversation with the Elders, or maybe they could see I was about to unleash on them?

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