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Capturing the Energy of Conservatism in Texas

Dan Patrick supporter promoting  candidate at 2014 Tarrant County Conservative Fair

Dan Patrick supporters worked hard promoting their candidate at 2014 Tarrant County Conservative Fair.   Senator Patrick won Straw Poll for Lt. Governor.

You can read all the editorials, watch all the news, and browse every website, but when it comes to knowing who to vote for, nothing beats meeting a candidate face-to-face! It gives you the opportunity to look them in the eye, get a sense of who they are.

For three consecutive Primary Elections in Tarrant County, Conservatives gathered in mass, at the Hurst Conference Center, to cast their vote in one of Texas’ most highly anticipated and well attended Conservative straw polls, the Tarrant County Conservative Candidate Fair Straw Poll.

From Justice of the Peace to Lt. Governor of Texas, candidates came with their “A” game, ready to spend an entire day visiting with real voters, getting one final opportunity to gain a supporter before they cast their vote. Teams of volunteers wearing their candidate’s T-shirts, set up posters, banners, media equipment, TV’s, preparing for the thousands of estimated attendees.

From the moment the doors opened, till the time the polls closed eight hours later, the people never stopped coming.  Thousands upon thousands flooded the ballroom. Candidates were surrounded by concerned citizens,  “shaken down” by the Conservative voters waiting their turn to cast their ballot.

Judge Jesse Nevarez

Judge Jesse Nevarez

With nearly 70% of Poll Winners going on to win their election, the results of the Tarrant County Straw Poll carries a lot of weight. It equals tons of future media announcements, press, and over 50,000 mailouts of results to voters in Tarrant county.  It also could mean additional donations for the candidates, who gain tremendous momentum from a victory in Tarrant County.

Second only to the Texas Republican Party State Convention, this high-impact, high-energy event is an example of how Conservatives might approach the idea of regaining the lead in large metro and urban areas. While others have fallen to the Democrats, Tarrant remains the last hold out. The last metro area in Texas that is still red.

Battleground Texas is determined to turn Texas blue, and in Wendy Davis’ back yard, we can expect them to do something big.  However, based on the turnout at this event, Democrats may want to reconsider.


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Live Streamed Interviews from Event


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